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The problem with web performance and pagespeed

Why and how chasing web performance improvements can actually harm your UX/DX

3 Popular eslint rules that can make your write worse code

A look at rules you probably should disable

Biggest groundbreaking solutions in the React ecosystem

A look at the most valuable innovations that were brought by our awesome open source community.

ChatGPT is a regex god

Generating regular expressions is one of the things ChatGPT is almost ready to take over.

3 Simple ideas for a better ReactJS

A few simple ideas that could greatly impact React on the short term.

3 Things I wish I knew when I started as a dev

Revisiting some of my mistakes, so you don't repeat them aswell.

Better way to think when creating components

This advice will unblock you and avoid future pitfalls when building your components.

Sorry, but everything is a tradeoff

Thoughts seeking opening your mind towards a less biased, more rational approach to software development.

You did css wrong

A contextual explanation of why and how you (and me) did css wrong for quite some time.

Typescript + tailwind = typewind (first impressions)

First impressions of a promising library that brings the typesafety of typescript with the advantages of tailwind

How to use the GH CLI with multiple profiles

It's incredibly boring having to do a gh auth login every time you want to use a different account. We're going to learn how to solve that once for all.

Do this before installing a library

5 things to do in order to make sure you're making the right choice when installing a lib.

Will JSX ever get an update?

A quick look into why JSX hasn't been improved in the last years.